4 PRIME Impacto de GloriaTeam Rock’s mission is to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally through creative  outreach.

God has given us His Word to use as a guide, a compass, and a sword. But somewhere in the middle of this fast-paced, technology driven world our youth are struggling, yearning for something real – something only God can provide. Team Rock reaches the youth by meeting their desire for entertainment while using the Bible to provide truth. A Team Rock program brings electrifying excitement, with the goal of lighting the fire of faith in Jesus in people’s hearts.

What is YOUR goal? Has your church been praying about a cutting-edge approach to reach youth? Get ready to step away from church as usual and experience ministry like never before!

Team Rock is not just a magnet to draw kids in, it can be the catalyst that brings them to Christ.

Our focus is on long-term discipleship, and we work alongside your church to get new believers plugged in.